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Help Navigating Your Long Term Recovery

What is a Disaster Case Manager? 

A disaster case manager helps survivors to:

  • Develop a realistic long term recovery plan for recovering from the disaster and; 
  • Identify and access appropriate community resources that will help with the plan.

What can a disaster case manager help me with?

  •  Develop a realistic disaster recovery plan
  •  Identify steps toward completing disaster recovery goals
  •  Support your FEMA/SBA appeals
  • Advocate for your disaster recovery goals
  • Access available resources

  What can a disaster case manager NOT help me with?

You should not expect your case manager to offer:

  •  Help with all challenges from before the fire
  • Direct mental health services
  • Legal advice
  • Personal errands
  • Cosigning
  • Personal transportation

There is no guarantee of housing or financial assistance

How Do I Connect with a Disaster Case Manager?

The process to be connected with a Disaster Case Manager is to fill out an intake form to be placed on the waitlist until a Disaster Case Manager reaches your file. There is currently a very long wait for receiving a disaster case manager because the agencies providing case management are impacted with heavy caseloads. The intake form can be completed through the link below to the form:

If you wish to complete the intake by phone, Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Call Specialists are available to help and to answer questions about the process. Call the toll free number if located outside of Butte or Glenn counties to be connected with a Butte-Glenn 2-1-1 Call Specialist: 866-916-3566. 

  • For immediate needs that you have while waiting for a disaster case manager, you can dial 2-1-1 to connect with live local help in your new community. See the 211 Resources page on this website for more information about how your local 2-1-1 service can help